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The MAN TGS demonstrates like no other truck how less can be more.
Less fuel, more power – that's the motto behind the torquey common-rail engines, combining enhanced dynamic performance with low fuel consumption.
Less effort, more effect – the automated MAN TipMatic® gear change reduces the pressure on the driver, eases the load on the drive train, both helping to cut diesel consumption. Fewer standstills, more readiness – the TGS is also convincing proof of the ruggedness and reliability that MAN builds into its trucks. It gets you to your destination securely and punctually. Even if it's off the beaten track. With its unmatched, versatile drive configurations through to 8x8 all-wheel, it offers you the whole range of mobility, both on-road and off-road.

Less showiness, more ability – that's transport efficiency the MAN TGS way.

Since 2002, the MAN TGS has represented robustness and reliability in long-haul transport. With a range of innovative driver assistance systems, it delivers its load safely and reliably. The necessary transport safety is provided by technologies such as the electronic stability program (ESP), the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the lane guard system (LGS), which are included as standard and take the pressure off the driver on long journeys, and defuse critical driving situations when necessary.
The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) warns the driver when there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front or a stationary vehicle, and automatically initiates emergency braking when necessary. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) guarantees increased driving safety in vehicles with a high centre of gravity, such as swap body trucks or timber transporters.
The lighter a vehicle, the more payload it can transport and the less fuel it consumes. The particularly light chassis of the MAN TGS-TS (tanker) is made from high-strength fine-grained steel, which gives it a particularly high bending strength and robustness. The new, heavy-duty series impresses with its consistent lightweight construction, which only increases the unladen vehicle weight by just under 200 kg, even with the extensive Euro 6 exhaust gas after-treatment system.
The even top edge of the frame allows all types of superstructures to be mounted onto the MAN TGS quickly and economically. The hole pattern enables it to be extended or converted at a later date. The frame clearance behind the cab can also be used for additional add-on components, such as a crane superstructure if necessary. Due to the different wheelbases, the MAN TGS can be configured for various fifth-wheel heights, as well as for Euro and high-volume trailers.
In national long-haul transport and over medium distances, the MAN TGS is miles ahead when it comes to economy. Thanks to its low weight, it has an above-average payload. The innovative Common Rail injection of the MAN engines ensures high power density and low fuel consumption.
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